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Thermometer Bleg

Reader response to my thermometer bleg was sensational–77suggestions so far, and they are still coming in.  Favorite so far is this one, but I’m not even halfway through yet.  Many, many thanks to all.

By contrast, my column yesterday about Sinn Fein drew not a single email saying “We know where you live, and we know where your kids go to school.”  Gerry and the lads must be getting soft. 

I think I’m going to draw the uplifting conclusion that people are more eager to help than criticize.

Though the question left hanging is:  Why am I such a lousy googler?  I didn’t find any of these thermometers when I went looking.  Never thought of Amazon, either–it’s still just “books” in my mind. 

And Corner readers willl have to excuse some peculiar-looking posts.  We have just started using a new method for posting to the Corner, and there may be kinks.  The important thing is to %! Bl00=1><)(((_$4jRtsb888–#%%!..>XxxC$@ 

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