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The “The”S

Wow, some e-mailers give these things way more thought than I ever want to:

Your e-mailer said, “Sorry to come in late, but dropping the article just sounds “cooler”. You could always spot the poseur when he referred to David Byrne’s band as The Talking Heads.”

It cycles. “The” was definitely cool, originally: The Who, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones.

Then, inexplicably, it wasn’t: Led Zeppelin, Mountain, Deep Purple. I remember from this time that The Carpenters insisted on being called “Carpenters” because “The” wasn’t cool any more.

Then, suddenly, “The” became cool again: The Police, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Dead Kennedys. (But yes “Talking Heads” … the exception that proves the rule.)

Now, I guess, we’ve come around again, and: Jimmy Eat World, Three Doors Down, … sigh.

I’m officially done with this thread unless WFB cares to weigh in on whether or not “The” National Review is like nails on a blackboard to him.