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These Whores Are Such Lawyers!

A site called “Bitter Lawyer,” via Legal Blog Watch, tells the story of Traci Bryant, age 38, who

manages to do more in one week than the average law student does in a semester. A typical week includes a few property and con law classes at the University of West Los Angeles School of Law, a girl-on-girl shoot for Wicked Pictures in a ranch house deep in the Valley, and a few editing sessions for the upcoming documentary she’s producing, Porn Star Goes to Law School.  Oh, and this past winter break, instead of zoning out in front of the TV for a month, or going to Cabo or Vegas like most law students, she squeezed in a few weeks at one of the Nevada brothels — and had her books shipped out so she could get a jump on next semester’s basics[.]

Law student Traci, we learn, is “a porn star and a licensed Nevada prostitute.”  The correspondent observes, natch, that “law school is not such a leap” for her — but you knew that, didn’t you?  She is hoping her eventual law degree will advance her career as, you guessed it, ”a vocal advocate for health, safety and legal protections for adult film performers.”

Hey, you gotta give back, y’know.


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