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They Helped Save The World

A reader received this from someone in the “Generation Webb” orbit (emphasis mine):

GENERATION WEBB Young Voters Born Fighting to Elect Jim Webb to the U.S. Senate  November 9 Victory Update  As expected, it was extremely close (49.6%-49.3%…a lead of only 7,200 votes), but the hard work of Generation Webb and the rest of our volunteers paid off and we not only won an election for Jim Webb, but we won back the U.S. Senate and have effectively ended the Bush Era in Washington!  Arlington alone made the difference. With 56% turnout and 73% for Webb, we increased participation by 22% and secured 10,000 more Democratic votes over the 2005 governor’s race…the margin needed for Jim Webb’s victory. In comparison, the 2002 mid-term election turnout was just 40%.  The bottom line…..we helped save the world on Tuesday. Let’s not forget that those extra few thousand votes we helped deliver to ensure a Democratic House AND Senate will force the President’s hand on whether to use his veto power on several popular issues like stem cell research, a minimum wage hike and college tuition tax credits, forcing compromises that can create positive change for America and beyond. With Rumsfeld’s firing yesterday, it has already begun….  Congratulations everybody….now it’s time to party!