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They Might Have Banned Hank Williams Jr., Too.

The French government’s sanctimonious campaign to enforce a dress code by requiring gendarmes to give Muslim women mandatory fashion tips has hit a bump, according to Le Figaro. The paper reports this morning that the country’s constitutional advisory commission has declared that passing a law telling people how they may or may not dress isn’t likely to pass muster in French courts. The commission’s findings effectively bans the ban-the-burqa movement. Muslim women will be allowed to continue to stroll the boulevards of Paris dressed like frigos in mourning.

This comes as a relief to some French-dwelling non-Muslims, too. For example, I wear a full beard and sunglasses, and if the weather requires it, I wear a hat, too. They know me by my cheekbones and cheap neckties. And you can force your Gillette into my cold, dead hand.

Denis BoylesDennis Boyles is a writer, editor, former university lecturer, and the author/editor of several books of poetry, travel, history, criticism, and practical advice, including Superior, Nebraska (2008), Design Poetics (1975), ...


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