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They Still Hate Me for Hating the Palins

Seems there are a few non-Kahaniacs out there on our side who haven’t gotten the memo. A few responses to my piece today, from the mailroom here at Kahane National Headquarters in the basement of the Greenbrier Hotel:

you are is an idiot…… stop talking about the Palins if they bother you so much….. but you can’t because you really like them. Remember that saying…….. that goes something like…. Me thinks you protest too loudly! Own it Mr. Kahane you love the Palins or you wouldn’t be talking about them all the time and nothing you say is going to discourage them from coming into your living room!!! And the only running Sarah Palin is going to do now is run all the way to the BANK!!! She is making millions doing what she is doing…… she doesn’t need to run for ANYTHING! And for you to print the following just shows what kind of person you are….. you are a piece of crap….. picking on a baby with Downs-syndrome. I don’t know how old you are or if you have any children but I hope you NEVER have a mentally and/or physically challenged child because you would probably put it in a state runned home and forget about him/her. You disgust me!

Okay, then! I am/be an idiot! Another reader writes:

Now you know how we feel about the “anointed one” you selected to be our president. He was that community organizer, the one who never knew Bill Ayers, never listened to any sermons by the Rev Jeremiah Wright, his pastor of 20 years. Obama, the community organizer, has been in our face for over two years now, on a daily basis, doing everything he can to take away our jobs and our liberties, because as Michelle said, “America is a downright mean nation” and he’s here to level the playing field. Obama would not be president; he would be  KING OBAMA. He has zero background, no paper trail, no college transcripts, no noteworthy achievements, 13 social security numbers, nothing of his birth, his childhood, his university years are available for the electorate to view. No one who attended universities where he supposedly excelled ever remembers him. And you wonder why we question HIS credentials? There has never been a president in our history about whom so little is known. And you are bothered about Palin? You have your own doofus to defend. He’s an empty suit and your emperor has no clothes. Shame on this nation for even giving this toothy know-nothing a second look, much less the reigns of power of this once great nation. He’s quickly disposing of that with his socialist agenda. He is in over his head and this job is “way above his pay grade”. You dither over Sarah and yet you probably get “tingles down your leg” like Chris Matthews when this guy pontificates via his teleprompter. 

Can’t argue with that, except for the tingles/Matthews bit. Still, surprised to see that some NRO readers aren’t in on the long-running joke. Meanwhile, over at Lucianne, a fierce battle is raging as a whole new generation argues whether I be/not be/am/is . . . oh, whatever.

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