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They’ll Be Watching

The Washington Post hires David Weigel to man the watchtower to monitor the conservatives coming over the horizon. Excerpt from the press release:

The Washington Post today launches “Right Now,” a blog by David Weigel that will cover the conservative movement throughout the midterm elections and beyond.


Weigel will focus on the GOP, the Tea Party movement, conservative candidates, personalities and ideas, as well as libertarian think tanks and the fringe elements that are looking to get footholds in mainstream media and politics.


“David’s work has taken him inside the world of Obama detractors and given him a front-row seat watching the remaking of the Republican Party,” said National Editor Kevin Merida. “He has developed quite a following and reputation chronicling the conservative movement and the rise of the tea parties. We look forward to adding his strong reportorial voice and insights into the right to our political coverage as we ramp up for the 2010 midterms.”


On a typical day, a reader could find video of contretemps at a Tea Party rally, a memo from inside the GOP Senate conference, a piece of direct mail raising money for the ACORN video investigators’ legal defense fund, and a Q&A with a Republican candidate.


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