The Corner

“They’re lying. It is an amnesty”

No, that’s not from a right-wing site; it’s from lefty Ezra Klein over at Tapped:

the RNC is telling a lot of lies to make this bill seem more supportable to its members. Not to be too crude about this, but if the Republican base thinks this immigration bill is a bad idea, that seems like a fairly serious argument in its favor. After all, what they’re trying to evade is the perception that it represents an amnesty. They’re lying. It is an amnesty. And I think amnesty is the only realistic and humane way forward. So in this case, telling lies to make people with bad opinions think this is a good idea doesn’t reflect poorly on its merits.

He also notes the left-wing (but well-founded nonethless) objections to guestworker programs, but concludes it’s worth accepting the guestworker provision in the Senate bill in order to get the amnesty. But if they wanted a genuine compromise that would lead to amnesty, they needed to pair it with an end to future mass immigration — not just (theortically) re-orienting a portion of the family visas at some distant point in the future, but abolishing them now, along with deep cuts in employment-based and refugee immigration as well. I don’t know if I’d consider that a good deal, but at least you’d be able to make a better case for that being in the national interest than the mess they concocted this week.