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Thick Clouds of Cigar Smoke

That is the scene I just left outside the White House. It can be summed up by: 


Many American flags. Star-Spangled Banner singing. Chants of “U.S.A”! “Where’s the chief?,” kids hoping the president would make an appearance outside. One guy said, “If he’d just come out with a fist bump for the crowd. That’s all I want.”

Every George Washington University student seems to be there. Some Howard. Some Georgetown. A good number of tourists. One mom explained to her 12-year-old-looking son: “It’s not everyday you see a display of patriotism like this.”

Handmade signs included this

and a Domino’s pizza box one kid was waving announcing that Donald Trump wants to see Osama bin Laden’s death certificate. 

If a Toby Keith video had Obama signs, the gathering tonight would cut down on the production value of his next one. 

But when you got beyond the flag waving and beer drinking, you could find some Marines: 

A sobering reminder. 

Also sobering? I grabbed a cab a few blocks away from the White House. The driver asked me, rhetorically, about those gathered in the streets around the White House: “Do they realize there are a thousand Osama bin Ladens?”

I did some tweeting too.


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