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Thin-Lipped Puritan Watch

Derb, we’re all afraid of the media image of “thin-lipped puritans who want to stamp out all horseplay and make everyone dress in suits and sing hymns”? Eek. If that’s a scary image, what was I doing in a suit singing hymns yesterday? Boo, Derb, boo!

As my friend Tim Lamer as pointed out everywhere (including the Wall Street Journal), the Puritans were quite fond of sex within its usual marital boundaries, so that image is a little short on historical accuracy. (As if historical accuracy instead of hysterical rhetoric was the media’s point.)

I have no doubt Tom McClintock’s appeal to social conservatives would not be helped by him staying silent on Groper-gate and the character issue therein. I’m guessing McClintock might have said unfavorable things about Clinton’s affairs, so perhaps he (unlike Gray and Terry Mac and most Dems) is trying to stay consistent. I’m not sure it will hurt him.

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