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Thinking Through Embryos

Several readers have asked me what my opinion on the embryo issue is since I almost never write about it. There’s a reason for that: I don’t know what my position is. I find Ramesh’s arguments eloquent and elegant but I’ve not made the complete leap yet. I do generally support the president’s — and Ramesh’s — position that these embryos do have a moral status but I’m not sure I reach the conclusions of the pro-life community generally. (If you’re worried, my lovely bride sets prolife policy in our household). But as a matter of public policy I just don’t know where I stand (in part because I just haven’t read enough). I think the argument, made by Kathryn and others, that this is something of a red herring and that stem cells can be gotten other ways is more than plausible. And I think it’s outrageous the way the left, particularly in Hollywood, have told a lot of sick people that embryonic stem cells will save everybody and cure everything. But it seems to me that once this country went down the path of IVF, prolifers were left with very few good options on this subject.


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