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Thinking the Unthinkable

Before I tell you what may happen, I want you to think of all the terrible things that could happen. Now double that. 

At least now you’re in the ballpark. 

Are you ready?

Gird your loins.

Put down any hot liquids. 

Okay, here it is. . . .

The staff of the New York Times is considering a byline strike! 

 A memo from the Newspaper Guild of New York announced the development on Sunday. Grant Glickson, the unit chair for the union at the Times, wrote: “Over the last few days, hundreds of people from every department, including many of our best known journalists, have quietly signed pledges to withhold their bylines, photo credits, and producing credits. They have also pledged to work strictly to the terms of the contract.”

There was talk of a byline strike as early as last Tuesday. Glickson added that the blackout is not certain, writing, “We don’t know yet if we will have to go down this road, but it is vital that we be prepared.”


Boom! Your world: Rocked.

I suggest you pull your kids out of school and surround yourself with those you love. We’ll all get through this together. 


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