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Third Segment: Israel

Big difference: Obama says Iran can’t have nuclear weapons, and Romney says Iran can’t have nuclear capabilities. Big difference on red lines, and big difference from Israel’s perspective. The president can talk about “support for Israel,” but actions speak louder than words. These nuances matter, and “weapons” versus “capabilities” can make months of difference.

Romney’s statement on weakness versus strength on Iran was very strong — a clear difference. Sitting down with dictators is not a plan, nor is an apology tour. The subtle differences between strength and weakness may seem small to us, but the mullahs in Iran understand the contrast.

Romney quote of the segment, and of the night: “America has not dictated to other nations; we have freed other nations.” Obama’s response was in relation to when he was a candidate . . . because, of course, he has not been to Israel as president. Great point.


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