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Thirty Things that Caught My Eye Today: Beirut, Private School Emergency & More (August 6, 2020)

1. ‘I have no idea how I’m not dead’: A Post correspondent recalls doomful night in Beirut


3. ‘These were innocent children,’ archbishop says of South Sudan murders

4. Knights of Columbus to report on Christian persecution in Nigeria

5. Lebanese bride happy to be alive after blast cuts short wedding video

6. Lebanon’s Catholic leaders seek help; here’s where you can donate

7. Lebanon, the Christ of the Middle East

8. In Lebanon, priest—a convert from Islam—cares for the poor, needy 

9. Six years after genocide, Yezidi girl sits on Iraqi PM’s chair

10. Iran must free Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani

11. A Pregnant Woman with Covid-19 was dying. With one decision, her doctors saved three lives. [Also: That’s the actual Washington Post headline!]

12. Migrant kids to be expelled under virus order not entitled to attorneys and other safeguards, DOJ lawyers say

13. Malka Groden: Yeshivas are tough. But like all private schools, they need aid from Congress

14. U.S. Bishops Press Congress for Emergency Aid

15. A woman who donated her eggs in her 20s may now need an egg donor to have a baby

16. Only Reconciliation Can Cancel Transgressions

17. Hiroshima and the “Easy” Thing to Do

18. ‘Racism Makes a Liar of God’

For more from Gloria Purvis, watch this recent conversation co-sponsored by the National Review Institute and the Sheen Center for Thought and Culture called “What’s Next for America”


For more from Rita Soronen from the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, this hour-long program on adoption NRI also co-sponsored with the Sheen Center is worth watching if you have any interest in adoption and foster care or being inspired. Uplifting. Hopeful. Like we need these days!


20. We’ve Hit a Pandemic Wall

21. Rod Dreher: America: Land Of Depression?

22. Three Great Paintings on Christian Freedom, Now in Fort Worth, Texas



25. Fr. Patrick Mary Briscoe:  Are we back in the Middle Ages? Who will save us?

26. From a wonderful former NRI intern of mine (I’ve had some gems, including this summer), Grace Aquilina — The Legacy of Margaret Sanger

27. Miscarriage: love and loss 22 years later

28. Bishop Robert Barron: Letter in Protest of the Cancelling of Flannery O’Connor

29. Homestead resident and former WWII Army nurse celebrates 100th birthday; her advice: “Keep active. Try new things. Don’t just sit around and moan about things,” Ms. Opal said. “And get a good education.”



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