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This Cause Is Your Cause So Please, Do that Support Thing

The NR Fall Webathon — its reason and its consequence — was described quite wonderfully earlier this week by Charlie Cooke. We recommend that you read his appeal. Because of his and others’ (Rich and Big Jim Geraghty), some 800 good people have sent donations from $2.00 to $5,000.00 on behalf of underwriting NR’s exceptional political journalism. They done did donate here.

That places us about 40 percent of the way toward our goal of raising $200,000 (of course, we do need much more), which will go toward the massive costs of operating this great website — which, let’s admit it, during this Battle of Kavanaugh, has found a corps of NR writers day in and out, night in and out, lobbing grenades with great effect at the Alinksy-ite enemies who are using this nomination to turn our Constitution into tatters.

Now how about some applause: That was one heck of a run-on sentence. And how about some applause for these kind contributors, who not only fork it over, but explain why:

  • Carl tenders a welcome C Note and reminisces: “I think I can correctly say that my dad was an original subscriber to NR. I grew up with it and am happy to do whatever I can to see that its great writers (too many to mention) continue offering a sane conservatism to the public — which is badly in need of it. Carry on!” Carrying!
  • Tom found it in his heart to send $500. And gratitude: “Thank you for standing up for due process and presumption of innocence.” Tom, we stand because you are there alongside us.
  • Also with a generous $500 is Elizabeth, who kindly states “Grateful to Rich and all the NR writers for their courage and integrity. Some days, you’re all that keeps me sane and hopeful.” Thanks E. Yeah, we are very good at doing sanity.

But again, we can only do what we do because our readers realize that NR is more than just a place for fine writing and well-argued thoughts. It is that, yes, but at its essence, NR is a cause. In fact, it is the cause. Make that the conservative cause. Be part of that (you are already!) by making a contribution, whether five bucks or 5,000. If you can do the latter, well, please do it. We are counting on some more folks — of that order of philanthropipc magnitude – to step up and say what they know is true: NR is worth this. And more.

You can support our Fall 2018 Webathon here. If you prefer to send a check, mail it to: National Review, ATTN: Fall 2018 Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036. You have our deepest appreciation.

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