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This Just In . . .

This Just In . . .

From the inbox this evening:

BREAKING: Pack. The. Damn. Courts.

Jack ~

Just this evening, the Senate Republicans pushed through on a Party-line vote the confirmation of Amy Comey Barrett to the US Supreme Court, making her the first US Supreme Court justice to be confirmed with zero minority votes. They rushed it through a week before the election because they knew they were going to lose and they chose to retain power for a generation instead of letting the people have a vote as they advocated when Obama was President.

The norms are broken and the last bastion of sanity was at the US Supreme Court, but that has fallen, as well.

Tell Senate Democrats to Pack The Courts next year.

If we are to restore integrity, common decency and empathy, we must urge Senate Democrats to reform the filibuster and Pack the Supreme Court.

Not with Party-line boot lickers, but by actual justices who have a strong understanding of the law, historical precedent, civil rights and constitutional interpretation.

To Save Democracy, we now must Pack the Courts!

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Thanks for all you do!

~Hon. Diane Russell

Portland, Maine

Well Diane, if I may, I appreciate the thanks (and your style: “Party-line boot lickers” is a humdinger). Anyway, thought you’d want to know that your email was inspiring. So I’ll be sending some Republican senators donations. You have a good night.


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