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This Webathon, Embrace Being a One-Percenter

Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett. (Zuckerberg and Bezos: DSK/AFP/Getty Images; Buffett: Adam Jeffery/CNBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images; Gates: Chesnot/Getty Images)

And by that we mean one percent of one percent . . . and if you do the math, based on, say, three million visitors in the course of the two weeks since we launched NR’s Fall 2019 Webathon, that comes out to . . . 300. OK, Make that five percent of one percent, because so far, some 1,500 folks . . . let me rephrase that – “a tiny band of brothers and sisters, consisting of only 1,500 selfless and generous souls” – have sent in a donation to help NR pay for some of its general needs, and to underwrite our legal costs in National Review v. Mann, the nation’s premier defense (guess who is waging the defense, and we will give a clue: It’s not Mann) of your First Amendment free-speech rights.

Of the One Percenters, here are some who not only gave moolah, but also an additional two cents (yes, of wisdom, of encouragement) – would that their words convince you to join in their select few and enjoy the privileges of conservative camaraderie.

  • Richard from Riverside, CT drops a healthy 200 bucks on us and points a finger: “Katherine Timpf made me do it. NR has a sense of humor that I would miss if NR didn’t exist.” Yes Kat is funny, very, regardless of the hair extensions, but more so, she is an ace colleague. And you Richard are an ace supporter.
  • From way over in Stockholm, Peter spots us a twenty and hails us for our long-distance value: “Keep up with your good and important work — important even for us in Sweden.” Can’t wait to visit you Peter and say thanks over a reindeer burger!
  • Lawrence in Montgomery, AL puts down the Websters to donate $100: “Reading the broad range of topics and competing opinions presented in NR helps me clarify my thinking and remember vocabulary I seldom hear in my daily life. Thanks for all.” You have our sincere gratitude for your unparsimoniousness.
  • Big Bad Dave in Gainseville, FL fingers two crisp Ben Franklins in his wallet, extracts them, and sends them our way, along with this message: “Bravissimo to the NR Team. You are, indeed, faithfully doing your part to help the people ‘keeping it a Republic.’” Bravissimoest to you!
  • Rick from Alexandria, VA throws $50 into the till and nails the landing: “Consistently great writing on the most important issues of our time.”
  • Dana from Up North where the Mounties roam sends $100 (U.S.!) and calls on the Big Guy to do some smoting: “So, so wrong – the frivolous charge, the money, the time – may God arrange reform and justice.” Indeed, may He!
  • Stephen from Nampa, ID dodges the rush-hour traffic to send in a very generous $200, plus this can’t-get-much-higher praise: “National Review Online is the single greatest commentary site in these dark political times. Keep up the good work.” God bless ya Stephen. Really.

Thanks in part to the good people cited here, our campaign now nears the $160,000 in contributions received. Jehosephat thanks, but honest to goodness, we could use double that, and then some. We get some more folks – you! – to join the One Percenters and we will get there. Your membership in the Band of Brothers and Sisters awaits: Join by donating here.

Hey, someone asked: Is that donation tax-deductible? Let me answer with a question: Are your political contributions? We’re in the freedom-defending battle now, the combat is hand-to-hand, the grenades being rolled in our direction, so please, if those thoughts matter to you, make them un-matter. We need your selfless support. Thanks in advance for it, and one last thing: If you prefer to send a check, make one payable to “National Review” and mail it to National Review, ATTN: 2019 Fall Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, NY 10036.


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