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Thomas Sowell, Master Teacher

Thomas Sowell

After the most recent presidential election, Thomas Sowell gave up his syndicated column. But he still has a lot to say, a lot to teach. And he is my guest on Q&A, here.

Sowell has written a new book, Discrimination and Disparities — slim but powerful. It makes points that the author thinks people need to hear. There is much confusion on the subject of discrimination and disparities — human diversity, inequality of outcomes. Sowell longs to clear it up.

I talk with him about this, of course. And as we go along, we touch on a range of subjects: Milton Friedman; vernacular English versus standard English; trade; conservatism; the responsibility of government and the responsibility of others; old-fashioned virtues such as punctuality (not a bad thing to learn, and to stick with).

At the end, I ask him sort of a mushy, Oprah-esque question: Is Sowell understanding yet more, as he gets older? Experience is an excellent teacher, he answers.

It is, yes, and so is Tom Sowell. These days, he is delighted to be free of following the news, as he once did, out of professional obligation. And I am delighted he is still producing books. And doing Q&A. Again, here.


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