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Thompson Freducates, and More.

Today on NRO you’ll find that Fred has penned a typically wise article – this on spending less versus soak-the-rich taxing– that I encourage all to read.

Meanwhile, the ace former Senator will be joining over three dozen other top conservatives this November 12-19 on Holland America Line’s luxurious Eurodam for the National Review 2011 Caribbean Cruise. Among Fred’s fellow travelers (yuck yuck) are Mark Steyn, John Bolton, Victor Davis Hanson, James Q. Wilson, Bernard Lewis, S. E. Cupp, Andrew Klavan, John Sununu, Jonah Goldberg, John Yoo, Tony Blankley, Andrew McCarthy, Cal Thomas, James Lileks, Ralph Reed, Mona Charen, Elliott Abrams, Kevin Hassett, Jim Geraghty, Ramesh Ponnuru, Jay Nordlinger, Michael Walsh, Tracie Sharp, Rob Long, Rich Lowry, Charles Kesler, Sally Pipes, Kathryn Lopez, John O’Sullivan, Deroy Murdock, Bob Costa, Charmaine Yoest, Dinesh D’Souza, Kevin Williamson, John Derbyshire, John Miller, and Roman Genn.

That’s an incredible line-up. Prices for the NR voyage start at only $1,899 a person. Reserve your beautiful stateroom today: You can do that, and get complete information about this phenomenal trip, at


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