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Those Cuban Agents

Yesterday NPR did a story on the couple working in the State Department who have been accused of being spies for Castro. The story began (via Nexis so no links):

MELISSA BLOCK: Mary Beth Sheridan is following this story for The Washington Post. And Mary Beth, it sounds like if people were to imagine who might be spying for Cuba, they would never imagine it would be Kendall Myers.

Ms. MARY BETH SHERIDAN (The Washington Post): Well, that’s exactly true. His friends and colleagues were absolutely shocked. This is a man from one of Washington’s most prestigious and storied families, a prep school background, elite universities, and years of work as an academic and, of course, at the State Department with almost no sign of tremendous interest in Latin America or Cuba at all – barely a peep.

Um, maybe Alger Hiss and to a lesser extent Kim Philby loom too large in my imagination, but that sounds like the profile to me.

Update: From a reader:

It’s funny that this Cuban spy story comes out just as I am halfway through “Witness.”

Methinks it’s time for an irascible Republican politician from a progressive-corporatist-agricultural state, who needs to burnish his right-wing credentials, to try and make hay out of it.

Get thee to Wheeling, Senator Grassley!


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