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Those Iowa and New Hampshire Polls

A few things:

–Chris Christie is showing room for growth and he has gotten the bump in favorability that Bush has been hoping for with his ads. Per Monmouth, Christie is up to 54–32 fav/unfav in New Hampshire from 38–46 a couple of months ago. In Iowa (incredibly enough)  hes at 48–28 from 34–44 in August, according to PPP.

–Ted Cruz is right where he wants to be in Iowa. From PPP:  Hes gone from 8% to 14%, and also seen his favorability rating improve from 51/23 to 62/16. Cruz is now leading the field in Iowa among Tea Party voters (34% to 24% for Trump and 22% for Carson), and voters who identify themselves as very conservative (24% to 22% for Carson and 21% for Trump.)

–Bobby Jindal is still showing some signs of life in Iowa. Hes at 6 percent, but with a 60-18 fav/unfav.

–Jeb Bush is still in a tough place. In Iowa hes at 30–43 fav/unfav and in New Hampshire, 44–42, which is actually a slight uptick. Per the PPP Iowa poll, One measure of how Bush-resistant GOP voters are is that in a head to head with Trump he trails 55/37. By comparison Trump loses by double digits when matched up directly with Rubio (51/40), Cruz (53/36), or Carson (55/35).



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