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Those Prisoners

From the Air Power Guy:


If this is legit, then oh, my God.

When I was flying Hogs, I told my guys that we had something that overcame a

lot of shortcomings in our machines…it was the reputation of the men and

women who flew them. If we lost that, all was in jeopardy. So, fight hard,

but fight like the professionals you are.

The damage done to our cause, and our country’s reputation by this appalling

conduct could be catastrophic. For all the people in the world who dismiss

the Eurotrash’s sniping at America, to say nothing of the likes of bin Laden

and al Jazeera, this will be hard to explain and may very well plant a

poisonous seed.

I’m not the parent of a fallen soldier or Marine, but I can just imagine how

I would feel if, after experiencing the horror of outliving my child after

he or she died for freedom in Iraq, saw those pictures of the prisoners in

Baghdad. My kid’s dead…but his memory, and his reputation as an American

fighting man, ostensibly fighting against this same barbarity, has been

sullied by guttersnipes led by a one-star witless moron.

700+ heros have taken a bullet and meanwhile…literally behind their

backs…everything they have bled and died for is being gleefully

undermined. These people pissed on their graves…and laughed. String ‘em


I’ll be happy to spell one of the guards at Leavenworth should they need it.




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