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“For those of you who are skeptical I urge you to pick up the book I mentioned and check it out; you’ll believe a pig can fly!”

John Taylor (recently spotted in concert in an Obama t-shirt) of Duran Duran urges Obamamania:

I wasn’t around for Kennedy, but I saw how excited people got about Clinton. Truthfully I was more excited about Hillary back then. Unfortunately for her, time has moved on, and whereas Bill and Hill were the future in 1992, the future now has different needs, and Obama is it. He is America, but he is also all of us. He makes me want to think politically because he is authentic in a world that has an almost total absence of authenticity. And I don’t just mean politics. Look at our TV; the reality crap, the talent show crap. Everyone is acting, saying whatever they think they got to say to get ahead.

Obama raises the bar. The speech he gave on Father’s Day brought a tear to my eye. He is a wake up call, and when America elects him to office (no, I cannot vote) it will send a fantastic signal of hope and change around the world. It will prick up the minds and ears of the most deeply rooted of America-haters. It’s a god-given opportunity.

John (I’ve been listening to DD for way too long to use last names) also admits he cried during Kung Fu Panda, though, so consider the source. And be glad he’s not an American citizen. But many who are are singing the same tune.

I wonder if I can get John to read Mona Charen. If I can listen to “Girls on Film,” surely he can read Mona Charen.


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