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Three Blue Dogs Respond to Attacks

In today’s Washington Post, Senators Bayh, Carper, and Lincoln respond to criticisms by liberal groups that they are hurting the nation by being fiscally responsible in questioning president Obama’s deficits. They write:

Last week, the three of us announced the formation of a moderate Democratic working group in the U.S. Senate.

Even though the White House and Senate leadership praised the group’s formation, some commentators reacted by reporting signs of a rift and a power struggle within the Democratic Party. Others accused the 16 members of our group of trying to obstruct the president’s agenda. . . .

As moderate leaders, it is not our intent to water down the president’s agenda. We intend to strengthen and sustain it. Moderation is not a mathematical process of finding the center for its own sake. Practical solutions are practical because they offer our best chance to make a difference in people’s lives today without forcing our children to pick up the tab tomorrow.

Obviously, I wish they were more emphatic about how deep into debt we will be if Obama’s budget is adopted. But it’s a good start.

For more on the Obamination budget look at these charts and tables.


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