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Three Dead in Greek Protests

Firebomb attacks from participants in Greece’s “general strike” in protest of planned government spending cuts have killed at least one man and two women:

Hooded youths hurled petrol bombs at stores and businesses in the Greek capital, setting the bank and two government buildings ablaze.

Protesters also tried to storm the Greek Parliament and the rioting spread to Greece’s second city, Thessaloniki.

Police said at least three people, a man and two women, were killed in the fire-bomb attack. Firefighters said as many as 20 people had been inside the bank.

It was unclear if the dead were customers or bank employees.

Two buildings, one used by tax officials and another by regional authorities, also caught fire.

Athens underground stations were shuttered and the international airport deserted as tens of thousands of union members rallied on the eve of a vote in parliament on the planned cuts and tax hikes.

An awful, awful mess.


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