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The Three Martini Lunch Payoff!

Jim Geraghty, he of the must-read Morning Jolt (sign up for it and Jonah’s “G File” here), he of the acclaimed and inebriating Three Martini Lunch, has penned a terrific plea on behalf of NRO and why it deserves your financial support. (You can give here.) Jim’s entreaty (go on, read it!) has moved some of you, and we are happy to share a few comments that have come along with the generosity:

William scrapes together 20 bucks and adds this Ode to Geraghty: “I don’t know if anyone reads these comments, but Jim, let me tell you, if it weren’t for the Three Martini Lunch, these last three years of law school (Tulane) would have been dismal. In a sea of liberal chaos, my books and luminaries are sustaining — but the humor and intellect of NR’s articles are why I am a loyal reader. My grandparents knew Bill Buckley and were long-time supporters of NR. Tonight Jim, on the eve of my last day of law school, I make my first donation and join the family tradition. Use my $20 well, it was hard earned and not borrowed through FAFSA.” Damn!

Frances sends $100 kind dollars and this sentiment: “I love that you spoke out against Trump.” We love that you love. Thanks, Frances.

James reaches into the wallet, grabs $25, tosses it our way and with it some praise: “Kudos to all of you, especially Jim Geraghty, for persevering in the fight against Trump. Never relent.” I think I am going to OD on all this JG Luv!

One more: Gerard makes with the generosity, donates $50, and says “More than ever, we need NR’s strong consistent voice for principled conservatism. Keep it coming.” 

Thanks to you and many other like you, we have for these past 60 years. So we’ll keep it coming if you keep the generosity coming. Especially if you are someone who binges at the all-you-can-eat NRO buffett, think about supporting the operation, Okay? Good! Now, please make your donation here


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