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Three Rules of (Leftist) Middle East Morality

As we suffer through the annual appalling spectacle of the U.N. welcoming the wanna-be genocidal president of Iran, it’s worth contemplating the twisted leftist morality of the Middle East. After years of debating Middle Eastern policy and politics with leftists on campus and elsewhere, I’ve learned the pitiful moral calculus in play. Here are three simple rules to help you understand their mindset:

Rule 1: Nations who attempt genocide against Israel shall not suffer any lasting consequences. Whereas no sentient member of the international community calls for surrounding nations to return to Germany or Japan all the territory they controlled in the immediate pre-war period, it’s been considered a matter of international justice that nations like Syria, Egypt, and Jordan should be entitled to the return of land from which they launched potentially devastating military offensives.

Rule 2: Ethnic cleansing is a crime against humanity — unless Jews are purged from Muslim lands. The post-1948 expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Jews from Muslim lands — often accompanied by riots and pogroms — is the human-rights atrocity that dare not speak its name. Has any Arab government ever paid any meaningful international price for its treatment of religious minorities? How could Israeli Jews expect different treatment if — God forbid — a Palestinian Arab majority ever asserted its will in the Jewish state?

Rule 3: Religious fundamentalism is a relic of the dark ages and should be condemned — unless it’s Muslim fundamentalism. In the moral calculus of the radical Left, American pro-life Christians are waging a “war on women,” yet Middle East Muslims — who, you know, actually sometimes stone to death gays and adulterous women while implementing legal codes that a feudal lord would consider oppressive — are victims of “Islamophobia.” American Evangelical Christians? Dangerous. Muslim Brotherhood? Moderate.  

I invite readers to submit their own rules. I could easily go on, but for the sake of brevity I’ll stop at three — three rules that help demonstrate how the international (and campus) Left attempts to maintain the moral high ground even as it defends the indefensible.


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