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Three Texas Planned Parenthood Clinics to Close

Planned Parenthood has announced that clinics in Bryan, Huntsville, and Lufkin, Texas, will be closing their doors.

The new regulations barring abortions after 20 weeks and requiring that clinics meet hospital-grade health and safety standards were signed into law by Governor Rick Perry on Thursday. Planned Parenthood told staff at the three clinics, only one of which performs abortions, on Wednesday that they would be closing.

Melaney A. Linton, president and CEO of the Gulf Coast branch of the women’s-health organization, attributed the closings to the “increasingly hostile environment” that Texas lawmakers have created for clinics in the state.

While the standards required under the new law contributed to the demise of the underfunded Bryan clinic (which did provide abortion services), the other two centers, the Huffington Post reports, ultimately closed because of the 2011 funding cuts to women’s-health programs in Texas.

“It is a travesty that Texas politicians are stripping health care from women across the state, harming lives and unraveling the health care safety net,” Linton said in a statement.

Pro-choice supporters will no doubt cry foul over the closures – only one of which was actually related to the new pro-life law – in the coming days as the fervor inspired by Wendy Davis continues.

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