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Throbbing Ids

Mickey on robocalls and health-care reform:

Rasmussen’s final [robocall] poll, showing a 46-43-8 Christie win, was pretty damn accurate. Polls using conventional human operators tended to show Corzine ahead. They were wrong.** … If you have a choice between Rasmussen and, say, the presitigous N.Y.Times, go with Rasmussen! … Why this is important: Rasmussen’s polls tend to show the highest level of opposition to health care reform. If they accurately predict who will turn out to vote, they may signify big potential trouble for Democrats in lower-turnout mid-term elections. The Democratic Congressional id–at least the part that represents primordial existential fear of non-reelection–is throbbing. Expect a lot more time-consuming negotiating hangups and talk about how we should avoid arbitrary deadlines when it comes to passing Obama’s big reform. … (I still think it will eventually pass, but it may take until next Spring or beyond.) …

I vote “or beyond.”