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Throw off Your Shackles!

This came in through my syndicated column e-mail address. I do not think it’s a parody:

Fear is not only a terrible foe in itself but leads to other negativity’s, such as anger, which Confucius described as a foremost self-destroyer.

The very root of the fear of Barack Obama is a false sense of his identity. All other negative states, like worry and restlessness, grow from this. Because of this, you fearfully fight through this contest trying to prove that he is these things. This is utterly futile – as we discover every day. And so you see millions of people acting like they know Obama but their eyes tell quite another story.

This false sense of identity creates thousands of fearful and self-damaging ideas toward our future president. For instance, there is no more dangerous, nor frustrating doctrine than that ‘you ought’ to renounce and reject according to the dictates of a confused society. He ought to do nothing of the sort. In fact, the only real life he has is that which springs spontaneously from his own spiritual nature. He is a Self-Realized Man.

If his lofty goals for this country are achieved, we will no longer mechanical robots but noble human beings who live as we really want to live. No longer will we march dully to the blaring bands of the TV or any authoritarian society, It is within In our reach to create a free state where we are unafraid of anything or anyone – anything or anyone.

Slay the dragons of fear, both the surface shakings and the deeper dreads.


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