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Throwing in the towel on Iraq

Fareed Zakaria does it here. Ralph Peters almost does it here. I have a real problem with this passage in Peters though (and I love and respect Ralph):

By refusing to adequately increase active-duty numbers in the early phases of this struggle, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld ground down our Army and Marines – both the flesh-and-blood troops and their gear. We must not ask the understrength forces who’ve carried the burden of this fight to shoulder yet more weight.

Make no mistake: Were our nation directly threatened, our ground forces would surge to respond powerfully and effectively. But as far as Iraq goes, they’ve given their best. They’re willing to die for our country. But we should never ask them to give their lives to postpone a political embarrassment.

If I thought we were in Iraq to “postpone a political embarrassment,” I’d favor pulling all our troops out today. And people who say we have no more troops always stipulate that we would have more troops if we had to deal with a real urgent situation, which is exactly what Iraq is at the moment.


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