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Thursday in Cuba

The Ladies in White, as you know, are the family members and friends of Cuban political prisoners. Dressed in white, they walk quietly and peacefully through the streets, hold vigils, and so on. Needless to say, they have been the targets of vicious attacks, by state security and the mobs they work up. The Cuban dictatorship is terrified of these women. Otherwise, they would not be so intent on beating them. A totalitarian dictatorship countenances no opposition whatsoever.

This was Thursday:

In the streets of Neptuno and Hospital, at around 4:30 P.M., mobs instigated by the Cuban regime brutally attacked a group of almost fifty pro democracy women dressed in white as they were about to march through the streets of Havana to advocate on behalf of Cuban political prisoners and the freedom of all Cubans. As the “Ladies in White” set off from the house of Laura Pollan located at Calle Neptuno No. 963 between Aranburen and Hospital, following their monthly “Literary Tea”, they were dragged, beaten, kicked, spit upon, scratched, pushed, and had their hair pulled as well as their clothes ripped off by paramilitary mobs. The violence forced them back inside the home they consider their headquarters.

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