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Thursday Links

Thieving squirrel stymied by vaseline-covered pole, plus squirrel-launching compilation.

What do airlines owe you when you’re stranded

The Cornell professor who gave us the chicken nugget.

Cookie Monster’s famous cookie-dough recipe (plus the original Toll House recipe to compare).

Seals carried tuberculosis across the Atlantic and gave it to humans — the disease was present in the Americas prior to European contact.

Eleven smells that are slowly disappearing.

ICYMIMonday’s links are here, including creepy superheroes, the worst 20th-century technological screwups. hand-cut paper art, and ridiculous Japanese products.

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Michelle Williams, an actress, has decided to become a spokesman on the issue of pay inequality in her profession, and appears this month on the cover of Vanity Fair with a headline to that effect. This decision follows what she describes as a humiliating episode in which she learned in the pages of USA Today ... Read More

Washington in the Flesh, Almost

Canova's George Washington at the Frick Collection is the zenith of the museum's signature exhibition style. It's small, fewer than 20 objects. It's focused. It examines the creation of Antonio Canova's full-length sculpture of George Washington in Roman costume from 1821. It was Canova's (1757–1822) sole ... Read More