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Thursday links

Men Pee On Beehive. Bees React, Targeting The First Human Body Parts They See.

The “Monty Hall problem” (what’s behind door #3?): The Time Everyone “Corrected” the World’s Smartest Woman. Sasha Volokh recently wrote on his “easy” take on the same problem.

How Cutlery Affects Our Sense of Taste.

Sharknado 3 will be set in DC and have Ann Coulter as VP, Marc Cuban as Prez.

A History Of The Most Impractical Weapons Ever Used In War.

The 8 year old girl who gets gifts from birds.

ICYMIMonday’s links are here, and include (but are not limited to) Dr. Seuss’s book of nudes (The Seven Lady Godivas), the history of wind chill, why female superheroes wear skimpy armor, and hacking to remotely disable cars.


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