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The Ties that Bind

Rick – That is great. For those who want to watch the video here, here ya go:

One interesting thing, to me at least, is how recent the advent of the standard necktie is. While it’s hard to tell for sure when the presidents started wearing them in their portraits (what is Harrison wearing, for instance?), the first easily recognized modern necktie doesn’t show up until Teddy Roosevelt. After that, it’s pretty much standard. It’s hard to imagine that we’ll change that fashion any time soon.

Update: Many readers object! They say the evolving presidential role of smiles (Nixon’s  the first smiler, Carter is the first to show teeth, but the subdued smirks start earlier) and facial hair are where the real action is. Fair enough, but presidential facial hair has been much discussed in these quarters already.

As for the downside of upside down presidential frowns, maybe we’ll get to that when everyone is back from vacation.


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