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Tiger Man

Was in the Fox green room last night before Hannity & Colmes—talking about that book–and the guy was there who kept a tiger in his New York City apartment. Let me stipulate up front that what he did was totally insane, bad for him, his neighbors, and the tiger. But it was fascinating to listen to him talk about how he cared for the thing, trying his hardest to duplicate its diet in the wild and how he judged its moods (when its eyes “looked strange” he kept his distance). His genuine love for the beast was also kind of touching, and made me think of Matthew Scully. But he seemed to be another product of the “Tiger Stockholm syndrome,” which is also evident out in Las Vegas in the Siegfried & Roy situation. By this way of thinking, tigers never actually “attack,” they just hurt people really badly. It may be true that the tigers involved didn’t technically attack, or Roy and the Tiger man would be dead, but it’s really weird to listen to someone limping and using a cane explain how his tiger “never hurt anyone.”


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