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Tiger Woods/Nike Commercial

There is vomitus all over my keyboard now that I have watched this new Tiger Woods/Nike ad.

If someone were to object that Earl’s questions seem to dismiss any notion of accountability or, to use a more colorful and old-fashioned word, guilt, I would second him. (The dismissal would not be Earl’s, of course, given that he is dead and his words are being taken out of context.) But what really nauseated me was the base exhibitionism of the thing, the “Let me bare my soul in exchange for an endorsement” aspect. (I grant you that Tiger says not a word, but I think that makes things worse; it is harder to dismiss his act as a performance when it wears the costume of real introspection, complete with a facial expression suggesting, especially with the emphasis of a zoom shot, a son’s shame in facing his father.) 

And of course the flip side of the exhibitionism is an apparent cynicism on Woods’s part, an apparent willingness to whore out his soul (rather, some pretense of it) for the sake of — what? His net worth? His fans’ forgiveness? (It is nauseating as well that the public’s voyeuristic impulses can so easily be exploited — no doubt with many not even recognizing their voyeurism and supposing that this is all a commendable exercise in moral responsibility!)

I would respect Woods if he had had the dignity to say: “What I did was wrong, but it’s none of your business, and you may all, along with my Nike endorsement, go to hell.”  


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