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TikTok and Rough Sex

Women have taken to sharing images and videos on TikTok of their cuts and bruises endured during so-called “rough sex.” No doubt we have, among other things, the mainstreaming of sexual violence via PornHub to thank for this. Writing about the phenomenon for Ireland’s Independent, Emer O’Hanlon describes how “many men seem to consider rough sex such a common part of a normal sexual experience that they no longer feel it’s something for which they even need to ask consent.”

In a new TikTok challenge, women are even sharing post-coital videos of their bruised and cut limbs, in an attempt to emulate the recent Netflix kidnap-porn film, 365 Days. These aren’t small wounds – sometimes bruises are larger than the women’s handspans, as well as cuts that definitely go beyond surface level. One such video went viral across social media last week, and has been viewed more than 33 million times with nearly six million likes.


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