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Tim Robbins Vs. Alec Baldwin

Lots of readers want me to switch from Baldwin-bashing to Robbins-smashing. I’m certainly open to the suggestion, but I have to admit I don’t think Robbins is nearly as dumb as Baldwin. Oh sure, Robbins politics are detestable, but I do think Robbins is actually pretty bright and clever. I don’t like him. But one should give credit where due. I have lots of new readers since those early days, but let me be clear: I really, really do think Baldwin is not very bright. He reminds me of a white middle class version of the self-educated prison philosophers from “In Living Color.” Tim Robbins, on the other hand, has made some smart movies and if he hadn’t gone into acting I’m sure he’d have turned out to be quite successful at the profession God chose for him — managing a chain of stores specializing in scented candles and exotic beads from South America.


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