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To Tim Russert:

You asked Rudy a lot of questions about his business associations. Fair enough. All kinds of businesses and countries have given money to the Clinton Library. The Library refuses to release the names of these donors and the amount of their donations. Do you think these contributions might influence how Hillary governs if she becomes president? You have any intention of asking her?

You also asked Rudy a number of questions relating to whether tax dollars should have been used to provide security to his girlfriend now wife, and whether Secret Service protection should be afforded a president’s girlfriend. That’s fine. Did you ever ask Bill Clinton whether the Secret Service should be used to watch over a president while he’s dating outside his marriage? In fact, that’s probably still going on.

And given your focused questions on Rudy’s marital status when he was mayor, why did you wait months until you reported about Juanita Brodderick’s allegations against Bill Clinton? After all, Rudy has never been accused of rape.


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