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Time to Panic about Trump?

Jay and I are joined by the always perspicacious Ramesh Ponnuru on our latest Need to Know podcast. We talk about the pros and cons of the Trump candidacy. Or, if not pros, exactly, then at least the lessons it’s possible to learn from his success thus far. We attempt, manfully, not let our hair catch on fire. Next, we talk about Canada’s election (remember the wag who said that the most boring headline ever was “Worthwhile Canadian Initiative”?) — nevertheless, we tip our hats to Stephen Harper, who is being challenged by Pierre Trudeau’s son Justin. Trudeau pere was as dreadful as Harper is great. And Trudeau fils sounds like his dad.

Palestinians, egged on by the Palestinian Authority, are attacking Jewish Israelis by the score with knives. They are murdering parents in front of their small children because of false rumors circulated by the PA controlled media. This has prompted our Secretary of State to blame the Israelis and various spokesmen to call for an end to the “cycle of violence.” This administration is beyond disgraceful. 

And then there are the Democrats/socialists. Is there a difference? Is the Democratic party led by Sanders Claus an adult political party? Is the Republican party a grown-up party if it nominates Trump? Join us for the answers to these and other questions.


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