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Timeo Saudi….

The Greek government has just agreed to plans to build a mosque in Athens, the first since that country’s Muslim colonialists were driven out nearly two centuries ago. Fair enough, the city’s Muslim immigrant minority should be allowed somewhere to worship. Of course they should. That’s what freedom is all about.

What is unacceptable is that the Greeks have accepted money from ‘king’ Fahd of ’saudi’ Arabia to build it. Fahd is a disgusting individual, a disgrace to humanity, a decaying voluptuary of extraordinary moral, economic and political corruption, a man who turns everything he touches to filth, gold-plated filth, but filth nonetheless. His family presides over a regime where the incompetence is only matched by the cruelty and the greed, a sinister collection of totalitarians so hostile to independent thought that, to take one rather ironic example, they prohibit the construction of any church on their own territory.

To allow this ‘king’ to fund construction of a mosque in the West is an extraordinary declaration of moral weakness. Worse still, any mosque funded by this man will almost certainly peddle the wahhabist superstition that is now inflicting so much misery throughout the world. The Greeks should know better than this. The money should be flung back in Fahd’s face.

Ahead of the fall of Troy, a wise man said that he feared the Greeks when they came bearing gifts. He was right to worry. Well, these days, whether it’s in Athens, London, Washington DC or Crawford, Texas, we would do well to remember the same about the Saudis.


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