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Tony Blair, Warsaw, October 6th, 2000:

“It is perhaps easier for the British than for others to recognise that a constitutional debate must not necessarily end with a single, legally binding document called a Constitution for an entity as dynamic as the EU.

What I think is both desirable and realistic is to draw up a statement of the principles according to which we should decide what is best done at the European level and what should be done at the national level, a kind of charter of competences. This would allow countries too, to define clearly what is then done at a regional level. This Statement of Principles would be a political, not a legal document. It could therefore be much simpler and more accessible to Europe’s citizens.”

Via the bloggers over at EU Referendum who note that the text of this speech is “strangely, no longer available on the No, 10 Downing Street web site.”

I wonder why that could be.


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