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The Times on Race and School Discipline

Sometimes, you have to wonder whether New York Times reporters even believe what they write.

Most liberals know that not all racial gaps are attributable to racism. At any rate, they should know this if they’re paying any attention to the facts; for example, scholars Glenn Loury and Bruce Western have conceded that the black-white gap in incarceration rates largely results from the fact that blacks break the law more than whites. Heather Mac Donald has made the case at length, which is almost a waste of her considerable talents, because the evidence is so overwhelming it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.

Yet we see this ridiculous spectacle in the Times: a story that reports the fact that black students are more likely to be disciplined in school, quotes some lefty sources about how this is a “civil rights” issue, and doesn’t even mention the possibility that black students might misbehave more. Liberals always claim we need to have an open conversation about race in this country, but ignoring the reality of racial differences in behavior does nothing to move that conversation along.

And it’s not as though the existence of behavioral differences proves that racism is dead. There is still the question of whether America’s history or current racism causes the behavioral gaps to begin with.


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