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Timewasters Needed

So sayeth a reader in Baghdad:

Mr. Goldberg,

  I suspect there will be far too many folks out there stressing out today over the minute-by-minute election updates on the Corner.  While I can encourage people to vote (People, vote!), there’s not many here in Baghdad who will be making it to the polls today (my absentee ballot has been sent).  So unless you know a way to make money from people pressing the Refresh button on their browser, I ask that as a service to conservative cubicle denizens tracking the election on the Corner across the country that you, Executive Director of the Agency for Idle Hands, swing wide the door of the devil’s workshop and inundate the Corner’s observers with timewasters so as to preserve what sanity might remain after this long campaign season and so they do not languish in despair awaiting the next exit poll update.  Consider it a public service.

Warmest regards,