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Timing is Everything

So Jonah posts a reader email under the heading “Racist Pot Calls Kettle Bigot,” where a professional mediator laments being assailed as a racist for using the phrase “the pot calling the kettle black.” Two posts above that on the Corner, I post an unrelated item on the Corner linking to a column I wrote about Newsweek where I described the publication’s Obama coverage “as a black hole of jaundiced journalism so dense that few straight truths and impartial observation can escape.”

Within minutes I get the following email:

Your use of the term “black hole” in the second paragraph was either great timing, poetic justice, an awesome coincidence or blatant racism.

You choose.  

I get to choose whether I’m a blatant racist or not? How generous. I think I’ll go with none of the above, as it was freakin’ metaphor. But it is quite amusing that this all occurred in such close proximity to Jonah’s post on non-existent racism in metaphors.

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