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I’m getting a lot of crazy email from leftist C-Span viewers. Most of it is juvenile nonsense. But here’s a special one which, while typical in spirit, is exceptional in… well, I’ll let you find your own adjective. I asked him for permission to run his email address and he said yes — contingent on me mentioning he’s got a “newsletter.” I rarely do this but whenever I post this sort of thing, so many people ask me if I will post the address of the person who wrote it. So, here you go:

Trickle Down Stupidity!

I saw your disgusting performance on CSPAN. It’s so typical of you reich wingers to hold the Democrats to a different standard than the Rethuglicans. It’s okay to steal elections, commit treason and lie repeatedly to the Amerikan people if you wear the reich-wing pointed white hood. But oh my! If you’re a Democrat even being squeaky clean is a vice!

Open your eyes, Jonah! Even Stevie Wonder can see that the traitorous little cocaine-sniffing, womanizing, frat boy loser-AWOL/Deserter in the Brown House knew September 11th was coming. There’s a raft of information which indicates that fact. Have you see King George’s stellar performance on September 11th at the Booker elementary school when Andy Card told him of the attacks? Any leader would have catapulted into action. King George sat there listening to his

favorite goat story and then went into hiding all day when Americans needed a leader. However, you reich wingers are too busy squandering millions investigating Bill Clinton’s oral sex to see where the real crime is. So far the Bush junta has moved heaven and earth to assure that any investigation of September 11th is a joke.

Who profited from September 11th? A tanking, unelected pResident with a popularity rating in the 40 percentile range. Now all of a sudden he’s sprouted chest hairs and balls and is portrayed (by the lap-dog, reich-wing, compliant bitch media) as a super stud, here to save us from “evil doers.” Admit it. The man is a moron. He doesn’t even read a newspaper; he spends hours playing video games and jogging (well, it’s a step above RayGun who just slept for eight years and then forgot it); and amuses himself riding a Kaybee Toys® rocking horse at the Crawford “ranch” (another staged photo op prop designed to bolster

his less than manly persona). I will give RayGun credit where it’s due: at least he rode a horse. King George cowers in fear at the very sight of them.

The true “terrierists” are King George, Dickey Cheney, Condom Rice (named after a Chevron oil tanker), Colon “Oreo®” Powell and the rest of the seditious, treasonous lot of the Washington City junta. When they are all dangling from long ropes stretched from a tall tree, then Amerika can return to a positive, forward looking future.

Until then, it’s more doom and gloom from the masters of corruption and deceit.


Dr. Sal A Mander

Editor & Publisher

(I am also in Herr Kaiser AssCrack’s master file of people to watch)

P.S. File this away:

There will be more and more deaths of U.S. troops and Iraqi innocents between now and election 2004.

The economy will continue its downward spin (only the most partisan idiot thinks there will be any “recovery.”) Let’s see. He’s “created” 57,000 jobs in three months. Even the most “conservative” estimate is that around 400,000 jobs need to be created every month to reemploy those who lost theirs and to account for new entrants into the labor market. That’s a lot of Wal Marts….

There will be another staged Operation Northwoods “terrierist” attack just before the election. How many people will King George kill this time to keep his hold on power?

In the meantime, be careful not to fall off of your creationist 6,000 year old flat earth!

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