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Tipping Point

More on the tipping point, this time from the Independent. Here’s an extract:

“When the “tip” occurs, however, it is psychological – “when your weapons are dulled and your ardour damped, your strength exhausted and your treasure spent” (in Sun Tzu’s words). Wars are fought by people, most of whom – and never forget this – do not want to be there. They do not fight for principles or political parties. They fight for their friends, their families, their mates.

As long as the fear of failure, and of the disciplinary machinery around them hold sway, they fight. The Allied thrusts into Baghdad, psychological operations and the realisation that Saddam Hussein is not going to be around much longer are the fulcrum on which the scales tip. When the majority of the other guys decide “this isn’t worth it”, you’ve won. Whatever you think of the reasons for going to war, it looks as if the tide has turned. Remember King Canute.”

King Canute – not a name that would appeal to Saddam.


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