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Professor Laments Being Forced to Waste Time on Title IX ‘Training’

College administrators love to look busy by doing useless things and often they rope in those on campus who have better things to do than to go along with their notions. One of those notions is that everyone must undergo “training” for lefty enthusiasms like diversity and Title IX compliance.

Most faculty members just take it quietly, but University of Wisconsin-Whitewater English professor Mark Zunac has stuck his neck out, calling his mandatory sexual-assault training a waste of time in today’s Martin Center article.

Reflecting on the Department of Education’s 2011 letter that first caused the furor over the supposed epidemic of sexual assault across the nation, Zunac writes,

I found it a curious fact that, six years after having received the “Dear Colleague” letter, the issue remains so severe as to warrant this anachronistic reeducation on workplace discrimination. And it had never occurred to me that I might need to be “trained” how to avoid committing a crime, or that there is any need to reprise rudimentary lessons in refraining from boorishness in public life.

This “training” was an online program provided by a company that has figured out how to cash in on the artificial market created by the federal mandate. Zunac found the exercise to be condescending.

Professor Zunac concludes,

Having completed the training, I am now presumably able to continue my professional duties. As for another endeavor to validate the victim/oppressor model that animates so much of university life, I would venture that at some point we have either a recognition that respective campus climates are sufficiently improved, or an acknowledgement that this has all amounted to nothing but empty, expensive posturing. In the interim, campus (re)training rolls on.

No doubt some nasty things will be said about him for having taken this deviationist line. Let’s hope Zunac suffers nothing worse than that.

George Leef is the the director of editorial content at the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal.