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Title of Nobel-ity

A reader writes:

The chunk of money awarded by the Nobel people is over a million dollars. Its stated purpose is to influence an elected official, since it’s “aspirational” and not for any achievement.

Don’t elected officials go to jail for taking that kind of money?

It should be called “The Nobel Peace Bribe.”

The Nobel head honcho, Thorbjoern Jagland, does indeed intend it to “contribute a little bit to enhance what he is trying to do.” Another reader writes:

I was just thinking: Is it possible that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize as a consolation prize from the world for losing the Chicago Olympic bid? I just wondered if maybe it’s like when a popular actor who keeps getting passed over for an Oscar ends up getting the Lifetime Achievement Award instead…

I think (see Mr. Jagland above) it’s more of a Lifetime Pre-Achievement Award.

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